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Taco Taco sits at the corner of Hildebrand and McCullough in an old Steak and Egg that morphed into Panchito’s before it moved over into its much larger McCullough location.

Though I’d been to the small (seats 40) restaurant many, many times when it was Panchito’s, I’d never been to Taco Taco. After reading review upon review about how wonderful it was, I met a friend there for breakfast.

The owner, Helen Velesiotis, has been in business since 1998. She said that things really exploded in 2005 when Bon Appétit credited Taco Taco with serving the best tacos in America. The Food Network’s Guy Fieri is also a believer. Plus, Taco Taco has been named “best breakfast tacos” in the Express-News’ Readers’ Choice Awards too many times to count.

With all of the hype, I was a little worried that I’d be disappointed. I wasn’t. Velesiotis, a native of Greece, must have been Mexican in a past life.

I ordered a huevos rancheros plate and my dining companion ordered a plate of migas, served with refried beans and potatoes. She also ordered sides of barbacoa and guacamole. Both of our plates came with extra flour tortillas. In truth, we could have ordered one plate and split it. Taco Taco’s servings are generous, to say the least. (Its website quotes an unnamed source as saying, “Yes, you can get breakfast tacos on every corner in this town, but we still go back to this corner for bigger than your head tacos…”) Our food was yummy.

Taco Taco is open seven days a week from 7 a.m. until 2 p.m. for breakfast and lunch. Its menu is extensive. Helen saw me snapping photos, and asked why. I told her that I wrote a blog on San Antonio. She eyed what we were eating and said, “But you didn’t try our potato and egg tacos or our chilaquiles tacos.” Before we knew it, they appeared on our table. We were already full to bursting, but we had to try them, and they were delicious.

Just when we thought we were all clear, a plate of sopapillas arrived. Eating them was a religious experience. Helen said, “It’s all about the dough.” As someone who grew up on baklava, Helen knows flaky dough.

When we left Taco Taco, a line of people was waiting to get in. I’d wait in line, too, for another plate of Helen’s sopapillas.