Photo of Gabe Garman and Gus Gonzalez of G&G Mobile Bistro, San Antonio, Texas.

Gabe Garman and Gus Gonzalez of G&G Mobile Bistro

Sadly, G&G is no more. Sigh. However, the San Antonio Express-News published a guide to our fair city’s food trucks back in March 2012. Call before you go. Downtown also has food trucks galore. Check out the San Antonio Food Truck Association’s website for a complete list of offerings.

San Antonio has joined the ranks of American cities with mobile food trailers that go beyond tacos and raspas (snow cones). I’d read about food trailers in LA and NYC that are hunted down and adored by foodies, and this summer I noticed a whole herd of them parked in a vacant lot on South Congress Avenue in Austin while I was visiting my sister.

San Antonio doesn’t have a herd just yet, but folks who find their way over to G&G Mobile Bistro, operated by Gus Gonzalez and Gabe Garman, will experience one of the most mouth-watering meals they’ve had in awhile.

Photo of G&G Mobile Bistro Menu of Aug. 27, 2010.

You may order a la carte or prix fixe.

The night that my husband and I dined, G&G was located in the parking lot of the SWC Club, 1210 E. Elmira Street, overlooking a piece of the museum reach stretch of the San Antonio River Walk, just across from the Pearl Brewery. Gonzalez and Garman are looking for a new location, though, so check out their Facebook page or Twitter stream to see where they’ve landed. If you don’t have Internet access, call Gus on his cell phone: (210) 584-6364. They plan on staying in the neighborhood, though, because where else could dinner patrons watch the Old Spice dude jog past while enjoying their meal? (Okay, it probably wasn’t actually OSD, but it did look like him.)

My husband and I ordered the prix fixe (set price) four-course meal that came with a drink for $13. We both chose mango agua fresca, the perfect summer drink, to keep us hydrated. Chris Cullum, the maitre d’, served us a bonus treat, an unofficial fifth course, to thank us for our visit: tiny tomatoes cut in half served with dollops of goat cheese sprinkled with Australian river salt and topped with a yummy cashew. That got our tastebuds’ attention.

Photo of chilled gazpacho and a bee at G&G Mobile Bistro.

A wayward bee wanting in on the chilled pear and Hatch chili gazpacho action.

The atmosphere was low-key and welcoming. We found seats around wooden reels that look like giant spools turned on their sides. A nice breeze blew away the heat of the day.

Next, we were served a chilled gazpacho made with pears and Hatch chilis that was followed by a salad made with lettuce, nectarines, bleu cheese and sprinkled with sunflower seeds. At this point, we were both applauding our good fortune, and it wasn’t over yet.

Photo of Romaine lettuce, sliced nectarines, bleu cheese and sunflower seed salad at G&G Mobile Bistro.

Romaine lettuce, sliced nectarines, bleu cheese and sunflower seed salad.

The main course was hanger steak that was grilled to perfection and coated in a oh-so-good chimichurri sauce. The skewer of steak sat on top of an amazing potato salad that was lightly coated in sour cream, truffle oil and chives.

Photo of Hanger steak with chimichurri sauce and potato salad at G&G Mobile Bistro.

Hanger steak with chimichurri sauce and potato salad at G&G Mobile Bistro.

My husband, who knows I’m no fan of potato salad, asked me if I liked it. When I said that I did, he replied, “Too bad.” (He was hoping I’d pass mine over to him. No way.) By this point, we were planning our next visit, and it wasn’t over yet.

Dessert was “Mom’s Flan Cake,” a cake/flan combo, topped with bing cherries and pistachio pieces. We scraped every last morsel from our paper food trays. It was a perfect ending to a perfect meal.

Photo of Mom's Flan Cake with bing cherries and pistachio bits at G&G Mobile Bistro

Mom’s Flan Cake with bing cherries and pistachio bits

G&G Mobile Bistro is open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 6 p.m. until 11 p.m. while supplies last.