Photo of a painting titled "The Quiet Woman" that depicts a woman with no head.

For 99 cents, this could have been yours.

One of my favorite things to do when I’m traveling outside of San Antonio is to visit local thrift stores/resale shops. You never know what TDF items you’re going to encounter while you’re out on your treasure hunt. Plus, thrift store finds make much better souvenirs than ho-hum refrigerator magnets, T-shirts and shot glasses.

The find on the left will be given to a friend who’s a local artist. I’ve been building a “quality art collection” for him over the years, and this objet d’art will be added to his kittens, clowns and Civil War soldier gallery.

Lucky for travelers to (and residents of) San Antonio, five primo thrift stores/resale shops are but a 10-minute bus ride north of downtown. Take the number 4 and ask the bus driver to please let you off at the San Pedro/Olmos Drive intersection. (Walk east up Olmos.) Or, take the number 5, and ask the driver to please let you off at the stop nearest the Olmos Circle on McCullough. (Walk west down Olmos.)

Photo of the sign outside of the Boysville Thrift Store on West Olmos Drive.

Your purchases benefit Boysville, a home for boys and girls in crisis.

If you start from the San Pedro end of Olmos, which is anchored by a ginormous HEB grocery store, the first shop you’ll come across is the Boysville Thrift Store. Boysville, a home for girls and boys in crisis situations, will be the beneficiary of your shopping spree. You’ve gotta love that.

I’ve been shopping at Boysville for 30 years, and I don’t think I’ve ever walked out of the store empty handed. Their slogan, “Find your treasure today!” totally fits. Furniture, art, fabric, knick knacks, jewelry, carved wooden animals and more have all found a new home with me or my family and friends. One of my best Boysville finds was an Impressionist painting of woman who looked just like the mother of one of my best friends. I gave the painting to my friend, and she told me that it’s the best gift she’s ever received. The painting hangs prominently in her beautiful living room.

Photo of a small Rosenthal dish that features hot air balloons.

Who can pass up a Rosenthal dish for 99 cents?

On my most recent visit, I purchased a Rosenthal dish for 99 cents, a cross stitch kit for 49 cents, hand-painted 9-11 commemorative art matted and framed for $1.99, and four “suitable for framing” prints of the French Quarter for $1.99. Success!

Boysville Thrift Store, 307 W. Olmos, is open from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m., Mondays through Saturdays.

Right now, an antique car is being raffled off to benefit Boysville. For a $10 chance, you could be riding around in this blue beauty. Don’t delay, go in today!

Photo of an antique car that's being raffled for $10 to support Boysville.

Drop by Boysville today to purchase a chance on this blue beauty!

When you exit Boysville, take a left and walk up to Endless Possibilities, which is on the south side of the street. This family-owned secondhand shop has been on Olmos Drive for about a year now, and it’s definitely worth a stop inside.

Photo of the sign outside of Endless Possibilities, 248 West Olmos Drive.

Endless Possibilities offers a great mix.

At Endless Possibilities you’ll find embroidered linens, vintage clothes and shoes, furniture, sheet music, antique cards and postcards, patterns and sewing notions, and a boatload of jewelry that Emma on “Glee” would be proud to wear.

On my most recent visit, a wonderful crazy quilt pillow made out of men’s ties was priced at $5.99, a gorgeous Art Deco bakelite set (hand mirror, tray and frame) was $24.99, and a ceramic miniature pink poodle family of three could be yours for $8.99. You’ll have a lot of fun browsing through the eclectic offerings of Endless Possibilities.

Photo of ceramic pink poodle family for $8.99 at Endless Possibilities.

Photo of the interior of Endless Possibilities.
A smorgasbord of items to select at Endless Possibilities!