When the grandmother of my childhood friend, Tami, would bemoan an unsuccessful shopping trip, she’d sniff, “I didn’t even open my purse.”

This will not be your problem at Fiesta on Main (formerly called Alamo Fiesta), a store whose motto “Where Mexico is closer than you think and Fiesta never ends!” is an understatement.

Photo of the outside of Fiesta on Main.

World Cup meets Fourth of July at Fiesta on Main

Open Mondays through Saturdays from 9:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m., Fiesta on Main is located at 2025 N. Main Ave. at Ashby, an easy bus ride (#90 north) from downtown. (See On Broadway! post for VIA Metropolitan Transit information.) The owner, Griselda, is one of the most pleasant people on the planet. Her staff is also very zen and willing to help you locate your heart’s desire.

Fiesta on Main specializes in folk art, talavera pottery, Fiesta decorations, pi√Īatas, paper flowers, flower garland crowns, papel picado (paper and plastic), confetti eggs (cascarones), furniture, wedding decorations, Day of the Dead items, Christmas decorations, clothing and more.

Photo of Fiesta on Main as you walk into the store.

Visual Overload Warning

“And more” does not begin to address their inventory. Fiesta on Main is not for minimalists. Every square inch of space is crammed with something wonderful that you will want to bring home with you or give to a friend. My maternal grandmother’s maxim comes to mind: “Don’t buy anything you need, darlin’. Just buy something you want.” You’ll find plenty you want at Fiesta on Main, and for out-of- town guests, one-stop souvenir shopping has never been easier.

For fans of Our Lady of Guadalupe–and who isn’t?–you’ll find plenty of beautiful items to select, from ceramics to sequins.

Photo of Our Lady of Guadalupe statues and talavera frogs & iguanas.

Beauties and the Beasts

And where else will you be able to find your own life-sized mariachi band to liven up your back yard?

Photo of various yard art, including a mariachi band, frogs and roosters

Yard Art Galore

Or how about hand-painted tin Christmas ornaments that sell for $1.95 each or the bargain-basement $1 each when you buy 12 or more?

Photo of tin ornaments for sale at Fiesta on Main, $1.95 each or $1 each when you buy 12 or more.

Who says ornaments are only for Christmas?

For those of you who collect crucifixes, you’ll never find a better selection than the one at Fiesta on Main. An entire large wall is devoted to Christianity’s enduring symbol.

Photo of crucifixes for sale at Fiesta on Main.

Souvenirs for overwrought "Twilight" fans

Fiesta on Main also houses an entire room of beautifully painted talavera pottery. Plus, they have more on display outside in their courtyard area. Granted, talavera isn’t the most indestructible (or lightest) souvenir to pack up and take with you, but I have a friend from California who managed to get hers home in one piece…so it can be done.

Photo of talavera pottery room at Fiesta on Main.

Truckloads of Talavera Pottery

Alebrijes, fanciful hand-carved and -painted wooden animals from artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico, are also for sale at Fiesta on Main. The tiny ones near the check out stand (roosters, elephants, pigs, frogs, owls, cats, deer and horses) cost only $9.99 each and make the perfect pocket pet.

Photo of alebrijes, hand-carved and -painted wooden animals, at Fiesta on Main.

Start your own zoo!

Several years ago at Fiesta on Main, I made one of my all-time favorite purchases. I collect miniature nacimientos, and I found a diorama-like nativity whose display case was half of a walnut shell that had been glassed in. Every Christmas I look forward to taking it out and marveling at the artist’s depiction of Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph surrounded by tiny stars in an indigo-blue sky.

That’s the great thing about Fiesta on Main. You never know what you’re going to find. Happy treasure hunting!

Fiesta on Main, 2025 N. Main Avenue at Ashby, San Antonio, Texas 78212
(210) 738-1188 or toll free (888) 235-9360